The Drawbacks of a Townhouse


We are still trying to get used to our townhouse.  It is smaller than we are used to, and there are four people and two dogs, so space and privacy are issues.  And my husband has been home, and he is here ALL THE TIME right now, and the kids aren’t school and they are bored and rambunctious.

The other drawback is that when people are cooking, you can smell their food.  Last night someone had what I am pretty sure was tacos and pinto beans.  One unfortunate night was curry chicken.  I am sure they can smell my food, too, but I haven’t been cooking very much lately.  I’m sure they really appreciated the night I cooked fish!







All right.  There is WAY TOO MUCH testosterone in this tiny apartment.  Between one of our dogs constantly attempting to “mark his territory,” my husband being home for over two weeks (TWO WEEKS!), my just-turned-14-year-old, and my 11 year-old, all I can smell is resentment, boredom, frustration, and the pungent scent of Axe body spray.  Lord help me!



I’m Arika.  This is my blog.  I’ve got two kids and just moved with my husband to Overland Park, Kansas.  We went from a 3000 square foot home in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a tiny apartment here in Overland Park.  We’re hot.  We’re bored.  We’re miserable. We’re sleeping on air mattresses and dressing out of bins and clothes racks.   Our two dogs keep shedding all over us.  And we have no friends.  Bleh.

We’re a hot mess.  Join us.